Ready to Stay Empowered and Reclaim Your Queendom?

An empowering 6-week online training course for Single Women Householders who are sick and tired of feeling disadvantaged from living solo!

Tara's Ultimate Homeshare Experience Online Course is on a mission to empower Single Women Householders worldwide socially and economically, looking to overcome temporary financial challenges and generate an extra income through the Art of safe and trusted Homesharing.
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The Story Behind Her Mission

Tara McEwen a.k.a The Homeshare Fairy Godmother describes what life was like for her growing up, how her life didn't go according to plan and what she did to rise above again.

Is this course right for me?

You're in the right place if you desire:

  • Financial support and a consistent stream of passive income

  • Not have to downsize and being able to afford to stay in the home and community you love so much

  • Reach your financial goals and dreams faster without working harder

  • Able to support your lifestyle without needing a dual income partner

  • Have a protective presence with a safe and trusted person in the household

  • Find your true tribe of women who will support and elevate you towards success

What you will receive in this course:

Self-paced learning convenience on your own time and schedule PLUS live group coaching support

The Ultimate Homeshare Experience Planner --- ​ Learning Modules, Videos and Templates to set you up for success --- ​ Membership into Tara’s exclusive Community of single women householders --- ​ Online learning platform giving you the step-by-step process for ease of learning --- ​ Live Q&A sessions --- ​ A FREE listing to advertise your homeshare
Course content that you will receive, images of workbooks and slide presentations

Meet Your Guide

The Ultimate Homeshare Experience Instructor

The Homeshare Fairy Godmother

Tara McEwen

Over the years, I regained my power, building my Queendom and soon became known as The Homeshare Fairy Godmother, empowering other single women homeowners to take profitable, actionable steps and grow strong again, so that they can thrive and recreate their own Queendom, even on a single income. ​ Today I have packaged years of experience to design an online course for single women homeowners. ​ I’m able to do this, because I teach what I know and hold the blueprint to The Ultimate Homeshare Experience. I look forward to meeting you!

Ready to rebuild your Queendom?

Get empowered to take profitable, actionable steps and grow strong again, so that you can thrive and recreate your own Queendom, even on a single income.

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    The Ultimate Homeshare Experience 6-week program and private member community

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